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Baby goods in Japan

Diaper,Fralda, Pañales, おむつ in Japan

New born baby, Bebé recién nacido, 新生児(~5kg) Size, Tamanho S

Baby(6kg~11kg)Size, Tamanho M

”Pants type”

”Tape type”

Baby(9kg~14kg)Size, Tamanho L

”Pants type”

Prevent sweat rash,Impeça a erupção do suor

Boys(12kg~20kg) Size, Tamanho BIG

Girls (12~22kg)Size, Tamanho BIG

Kids(12kg~22kg)Size, Tamanho BIG

Pants type

Kids (110cm~140cm) for Night

You can buy in supermarkets, pharmacy and of course on Online.