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【International Playgroup】Meet friends globally and locally with Glocal Toyota!

What’s Glocal Toyota?

Toyota city is where many people who come from all over the world live. Glocal Toyota is a multicultural group and it is opened to all nationalities. They hold meetings and events for people to make friends, enjoy Toyota city life and learning about cultures each other.

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Events enjoying Seasonal Nature with multicultural families

Events are programmed to join easily even children and people who can’t speak well English and Japanese. People will help and understand you. Everyone will be happy to know about your culture.


Glocal Toyota’s Indoor activity

  • Storytelling, introducing books, stories from other country
  • Playing and singing with hands in many languages
  • World cooking class
  • Potluck Party
  • Dance, Songs
  • Origami, Games


Glocal Toyota’s Outdoor activity

    • BBQ
    • Picninc
    • Ohanami(Picnic with Cherry blossoms)
    • Fishing zarigani
    • Play with a jump rope


Glocal Toyota’s Activity report

Date Activity Place
2014.6.18 Dance Oiden, AKB48 Matsuakaya 9F
Philippines,Korea,India,Turkey,Japan(Participants’ nationality)
2014.7.9 Chinese song for children Matsuakaya 9F
Origami, Dance
2014.8.6 Body painting by Ms.Anzai Matsuakaya 9F
China, Korea,Philippines,Japan
2014.10.8 Philippines’ song”Bahay kubo” Matsuakaya 9F
Philippines,Korea, Japan
2014.11.5 World’s play songs, Korean song”Bandal” Matsuakaya 9F
Philippines,Korea,India,Mongol,Brasil,Belgium, South Africa,China,Japan
2015.1.25 What’s New Year like in your country? Matsuakaya 9F
Korea, Japan
2015.5.9 BBQ party Kosakanosato park
Korea, China, philippines, Japan
2015.5.18 Communication board project Ekaku apartment
Brasil, India, Taiwan, China, Korea, Argentina,Nepal, Japan
2015.7.27 “Let’s play with multi languages!” Matsuakaya 9F
Brasil, Taiwan, Korea, Japan
2016.6.5 BBQ Party Kosakanosato park
Philippines, Brasil,France,Korea, Japan
2016.10.3 Opened Meeting Matsuakaya 9F
Mongol, Pakistan, Mexico, Brasil, Korea, Japan
2016.11.7 Opened Meeting Matsuakaya 9F
Turkey, Venezuela, Brasil, Korea, Japan
2016.11.16 Kimchi making class Soukakan koryukan
Brasil, Indonesia, Mongol, Korea, Slovakia, Taiwan, Japan
2016.12.15 Join”Forestakinder garten” kosakanosato park
Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, India
2017.4.4 Ohanami picninc Chigonokuchi park
Turkey, Brasil, Argentina, Venezuela, China, Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Japan etc…
2017.6.3 BBQ party Kosakanosato park
Brasil, Korea, Japan, Mongol



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