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【Aichi愛知 Group団体】YOSAKOI HIMAWARI よさこい火真和鈴

“Yosakoi” is one of dance style in Japan, originates in Kochi prefecture. Yosakoi-style dancing has spread throughout much of Japan, many teams show their performance all over Japan. They also dance their original dance with music composed in their local area. There are many events “Yokosai festival” throughout Japan, many teams join and show their dance.   “Himawari” is a dance team in Toyota city and we can see their dance in events in Toyota city. Their dance with warmth and cheerfulness involving people impresses us.






If you can, please visit us. We hope we dance or do Oahanami together.

We’ll dance our own dances”Koromozaki”and “Koromo”. And also”Oiden” “Uraja ondo” and “Yahagi donburako”.



                        (From http://toyotayosakoihimawari.boo-log.com/)

Weekly practice in Matsuzakaya 市民活動センターでの毎週の練習

They practice in the evening on Wednesday. I’ve joined a few times when my children’s condition is Okay because it starts at 19:30. I don’t know any song of them but we enjoy dancing together. Sometimes even only we look, it’s also interesting. Of course when we learn, it’s exciting. We enjoy the both. 練習は水曜の夜なので、子どもが元気の時だけですが時々遊びに行って一緒に踊らせて頂いています。知らない踊りばかりですが、見ていても楽しいし、子どもと一緒に少しずつ覚えられるとまたそれも楽しいです。



Himawari (Yosakoi dance team) 火真和鈴(ひまわり)よさこい踊り連