Where do Kids go to play when it rains in Japan?


Where can children go to play on a rainy day? In Japan, some children enjoy playing games and Youtube at home.

However, if you are reading this article, you probably want your child to be active and play even on rainy days, don’t you?

Here are my recommendations for indoor playgrounds.




Free Facility 無料の施設 

In Japan, each city has many public children’s play facilities. These comfortable facilities are indoors, fully equipped with playground equipment, and offer diaper changing and breastfeeding facilities. Staff members are also assigned to support child-rearing, making it a place where those raising children can easily go and relax.


Community Center 公民館・交流館

交流館(こうちゅうかん・KORYUKAN)Exchange halls in each area of ​​Toyota City. 

There is a children’s space and a book corner where you can spend free time.

Kids space at Soukakan Koryukan
Asahioka Koryukan Kids Space

Child care support center 子育て支援センター

There are Child care support centers in Toyota city

Aiai is a support center with the warmth of wood

Indoor playground equipments

In Toyota City, there are parks and facilities where playground equipment is installed for children to enjoy.

Kuragaike Park Playhouse
Liquid milk vending machine in Kuragaike Park Playhouse
There is also a play room for small children on the 1st floor of the Traffic Safety Learning Center

These facilities are free and have plenty of parking!

The indoor facilities are nice because you can play regardless of the temperature and weather outside.

My favorite is the Toyota City Science Museum . There is also a planetarium, and you can play different from the park. Kiratto Yota on the 2nd floor of Toyota City Science Museum also has a nursery room and a nursing room, which was very helpful when I went with my baby.

Kids corner on the 2nd floor of the industrial culture center


Toyota City has a central library and a children’s library .

They are good places to spend time for kids and family when it rains.

Children love the Story Square!
4F is the children’s book floor

Kids space in shopping center

Although they are private commercial facilities rather than public facilities, there are many supermarkets that offer free kids’ spaces for children to play in.


There is a store with a free space where children can play in Aeon and Meglia in Toyota City .

Indoor Amusement spots

These facilities require an admission fee. This is a great place to play to your heart’s content and have a fun and special experience even on a rainy day.



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