Which places are the recommended to travel and go out from Toyota city?


When I came to Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture, I felt that it is Aichi prefecture is an excellent place that have good access to anyplace. So nice place to go to travel.

Where will you travel from Toyota city?

Aichi Prefecture

📍 Sweets Castle-Okashi no shiro (Inuyama City)

You can wear your favorite dress and have your photo taken.

📍Aichi Ranch-Aichi bokujou

Milking experience with parent and child

📍Higashihazu Coast, Nishio City

Clam digging on a day trip

📍Ikobe Coast, Toyohashi City

Challenge fossil excavation

📍Shiki Nagoya Theater-Gekidan Shiki

📍 Chausuyama Kogen Ski Resort

Children who are new to skiing participate in a skiing class

📍Little World

📍 Meijimura ( Recommended for people who like architecture and buildings!)

📍Morikoro Park (skating rink, Ghibli Park too)

📍Aichi Health Forest Park (Obu)

📍Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden

📍 Minamichita Beach Land/Toy Kingdom

📍 Legoland

📍Takeshima Aquarium

Spots I want to visit

📍 Laguna Ten Bosch (Gamagori)

📍Nagashima Spa Land

Shiga Prefecture (day trip possible)

📍 Omihachiman

Omihachiman Himure Village


📍Kyoto City

Kinkakuji Temple

📍Kyoto Aquarium

Hyogo Prefecture

📍Kidzania Koshien

Become a shopkeeper and make soft serve ice cream


📍Odaiba (convenient for families with many parking lots)

Gundam my husband loves

📍 Sumida Aquarium

📍 Team Labo (Toyosu)

📍Sanrio Puroland

📍 Tokyo Disney Resort


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