Yamanobu is recommended for “Natural” lovers in Toyota City.


Yamanobu is recommended for “Natural” lovers in Toyota City.

From Yamanobu official website

In Toyota City, Yamanobu is a store that you can go to have safe and secure vegetables and ingredients!

I think there are more things that are good for the body than other supermarkets.

Organic and other good things are expensive, but the zone in front of the store is really cheap and there are bargains every day.

In Yamanobu, there are places where you can take a short break depending on the shop.

Yamanobu has a toilet near the entrance.

storeplacebusiness hours
Yamanobu ShigoShigo Branch9:30-21:00
Yamanobu NomiyamaNomiyama store9:30-20:00
Yamanobu YahagiYahagi store9:30-20:00
Yamanobu WakabayashiWakabayashi store9:30-20:00
Yamanobu KamigoKamigo store9:30-21:00
Yamanobu UmetsuboUmetsubo store9:30-21:00
Yamanobu IchikiIchiki9:30-20:00

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